Children's Adoration
icenyne     13/10/2010 11:16
Children's Adoration at St Mary's Cathedral, Austin, TX.
colleenrice1229         18/10/2010 10:22
Thanks for posting such a blessing.. and my son 7, says mom we should move to Texas so we can have this!!!
holyrope 3         15/10/2010 22:16
Thanks to the Mother and daughter who covered their head in Church. Nice example for the others.
tinsley         15/10/2010 20:44
What is the name of the music that is playing? Where can I get it?
Holy Cannoli         15/10/2010 18:03
A very touching video, isn't it?         15/10/2010 17:39
I am the founder of the Worldwide Children's Holy Hour would the person or persons who produced this video please call me I would love to speak to you.
God bless you,
Connie Schneider