Brassart Sanctus & Benedictus
Joseph Shaw  14/11/2010 01:43
The Schola Abelis of Oxford sing a Sanctus & Benedictus composed by Johannes Brassart (c.1400-c.1455), at a Mass in honour of the feast of St Didacus. The occasion was a Traditional Sung Mass at the parish church of St Anthony of Padua, Headley … [More]
ACLumsden     15/11/2010 08:13
Hocket, from the French "hoquet" meaning 'hiccup'. This is the rythmic phenomenon in which to voices alternate in rapid succession, each resting while the other sings. This gives the effect, somewhat, of 'skipping' or small leaps into the air. The note value of each voice as it alternates, is sometimes less than a semi-quaver at Allegro .
Holy Cannoli     15/11/2010 07:50
I could be mistaken but “hocket” is how the French refer to a female ice hockey player.

Regardless, the video and the chapel itself are profoundly beautiful in their simplicity. Pax tecum.
Joseph Shaw     15/11/2010 05:03
Golly! I don't know what a hocket is! I'm not one of the polyphonists; I leave the complicated stuff to the experts.
ACLumsden     14/11/2010 19:55
Beautiful! The hockets in the Sanctus were expertly executed!