Passion Of The Catholic Church
holyrope 3     12/12/2010 18:58
Passion Of The Catholic Church
holyrope 3         18/07/2011 18:40
ACLumsden         29/12/2010 16:22
Hey Rope! Happy New Year....I have uploaded one (as you asked). However, tis a tad short.
holyrope 3         29/12/2010 12:48
Your absolutely right Gregory!
holyrope 3         29/12/2010 12:27
Just want to add, when we look at the soldiers in the midst of winter assisting the Holy Mass outside and On Their Knees, and what we see today in our churches when the King of Kings is received in the hands while standing, is enough to make you cry.
ACLumsden         29/12/2010 11:14
Interesting that the music chosen for this video is from the same "modernist ways" which you condemn.....
Beauty is timeless, in whatever form she presents herself, may God grant us the grace to recognise her.
This is truely a lovely video; it reminds us of how much beauty we have sacrificed for functionality! Thanks....
holyrope 3         29/12/2010 10:36
Isn't it something how the modernists that run most chanceries are the first to condemn ANY traditional order because as they so often say, "they are moving backwards rather than forward; because they detest the beautiful Mass of ages...the Latin Mass. Yet they still fail to see how the modernist ways have destroyed so much in the Church, seminaries, education of children, etc., etc., Pity [More]
Holy Cannoli         28/12/2010 19:04
Good looks are a genetic fringe benefit in Cannoli DNA.
holyrope 3         28/12/2010 18:50
agree, Cannoli.. your thee 'artista', be my guest.
Look at you "hamming it up" with your baby photo. cute
Holy Cannoli         28/12/2010 18:47
This is a beautiful video, Rope but the music is not right. Is that Amy Grant? She does have a wonderful voice but it just doesn't work in this particular video. Do you know what I mean? More gravitas is needed, more passion, something more traditional. If only we could find music like that and link it to this beautiful video it would be perfect.
holyrope 3         28/12/2010 16:26
When I saw this, I couldn't believe it. At 4:43 is the Church I was rec'd all my Sacraments. [More]
soundingjoy         12/12/2010 23:44
Stunning video and song, blessings of His Grace be to you.
In Christ,