The Homosexual Pulpit: Separate... But Equal?
TicTocTV  25/02/2011 07:35
What is the Homosexual Pulpit? Who's plan was it to plant this perversion in the midst of the Church? How is the anti-family agenda of the Homosexual Pulpit effectively segregating the Body of Christ? And why is it now necessary for God to demolish … [More]
signofcontradiction     25/02/2011 20:27
This young woman, Monica, is obviously Protestant, not Catholic. Her moral teaching against homosexual behavior is correct. But she has all of the baggage of the Reformation in her theology, and perhaps a few peculiarities of her own.
Against Heresy     25/02/2011 19:28
She could use some of the CCC. it seems just like Luther, bible bashing fanatic. Use the Natural Law
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