Our Lady of Guadalupe (as sung by Molly Chesna)
1Hope4All     01/11/2008 14:18
This is a song about Our Lady of Guadalupe. The song goes to the melody of "Fishers of Men." It is sung by a girl named Molly which means Mary in Gaelic. She is 12 years old but she was 11 when this was recorded. She is a parishoner at St. Thomas … [More]
Delphina         10/06/2013 11:39
Wunderbar! Wonderful
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Irapuato         03/10/2011 23:52
Yes, Our Lady of Guadalupe is Mexico's greatest treasure!
Sherwin         03/10/2011 22:14
she gives me a miracle. its true. believe her!
Virgem de Guadalupe         07/11/2010 11:03
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JudeMarian         28/11/2009 15:32
Very, VERY beautiful. I love it. :-)
clare         22/05/2009 23:12
A very beautiful song ! Glory be to the Father , to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning , is now and shall be forever !
Sunn         01/11/2008 15:58