The Spring of Vivaldi in the Swiss Mountains  18/05/2011 15:16
16th of May 2011
Gloria.TV, Sedrun, Switzerland
monica medina     10/05/2013 14:19
studiosus     21/05/2011 07:50
Dio mio - ma che cosa avete fatto al buon Dio che fa nevicare persino a metà Maggio????
o forse c'è qualcuno che non ha finito il suo piatto? Peròòòò dipende dalla cuoca se è giustificabile o meno
Ricardo Silva     20/05/2011 18:34

Full snow in spring?
that to me is a miracle
very good, is beautiful
Hallowieder     20/05/2011 08:11
Nina     20/05/2011 07:47
The best reward for a mother is to know that her children make an effort to do something for the Glory of God.
Thank You, holyrope.
Blessings to all mothers
Iacobus     19/05/2011 17:46
This prooves:
there is no global warming!
Justa     19/05/2011 16:22
Ach ist das schön!
holyrope 3     19/05/2011 11:58
Hello Doina's mother! We love your daughter, she does great work in spreading our wonderful faith, as all the crew at Gloriatv! [More]
holyrope 3     18/05/2011 21:42
Doina, you look like your Mother
Holy Cannoli     18/05/2011 18:36
I am at your service.
No one would deny the music genius of Vivaldi his work withstanding the test of time. However, probably as a result of my ethnic heritage
(read: appassionato Siciliano), an affectionate boy/girl musical story appeals to me even more.
Doina     18/05/2011 17:49
Cannoli, for the next video I must consider taking you as a music assistant
Tina - 2     18/05/2011 16:46
Sehr schön Doina
michael7     18/05/2011 16:41
Warnung von Klimaforschern:
Wenn die Klimaerwärmung so weiter geht, könnte es sein, dass die in Sedrun schon in wenigen Jahrzehnten im Juni keinen Schnee mehr haben!!!
Eva     18/05/2011 16:37
Don Henri     18/05/2011 16:33
I guessed that lady waving at the window is Mrs. Buzut: the really looks like her daughters!
Holy Cannoli     18/05/2011 16:17
Snow in May? No problem.
Shake the snow off the flowers, come in and light the fireplace, put on some nice music (perhaps a Bocelli CD), and enjoy a hot Cafe Amaretto. It doesn't get much better than that.
Doina     18/05/2011 16:04
This is my mother. She is visiting us now.
The painting is of St. George. I think it is from the 16th century.
holyrope 3     18/05/2011 15:44
Oh my goodness!! Look at that snow! Beautiful Switzerland! The lilacs! Doina, who was that lady waving out the window? And is that a painting on the side wall of the steeple?