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WatchMojo on Jun 13, 2008 takes a look at the meaning behind the special day for Dad's everywhere, Father's Day.
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Irapuato         02/06/2011 22:42
Grüss Gott! Vielen Dank, alles zusammen--aber, make no mistake:FIRST THING WE DID THURSDAY MORNING-WAS TO GO TO HOLY MASS I am happy that in Germany, the Church still celebrates Ascension Thursday ON THURSDAY--and does not transfer it to Sunday, as it happens, unfortunately, in many countries....
Sankt Michael         02/06/2011 18:09
Vatertag? Abstoßende Unsitte, Besäufnis und vulgäres Verhalten am hellichten Tag.
elisabethvonthüringen         02/06/2011 12:47
(Dolmetsch anlässlich des Besuches von Leonid Iljitsch Breschnew in Deutschland im vorigen Jahrtausend) [More]
Jeremias         02/06/2011 12:41
As Latina told, today is the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.
So the day belongs to him and not our fathers
Irapuato         02/06/2011 12:27
AHA--Jetzt, Ich verstehe!
Latina         02/06/2011 12:26

Gottes Segen allen zu CHRISTI HIMMELFAHRT
Irapuato         02/06/2011 12:25
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Irapuato         02/06/2011 12:23
P.S. Das stimmt--was Du hast gesagt: Die arme Bauern in Deutschland, auch ...
Jeremias         02/06/2011 12:22
schließe mir dir an Latina
Irapuato         02/06/2011 12:21
Latina, You don't celebrate??
Latina         02/06/2011 12:20
Irapuato         02/06/2011 11:11
Father's Day in Switzerland seems to be almost unknown. When it is observed at all, Vatertag seems to be a regional affair, falling either in June or October, but there is no Swiss national holiday for Papa. [More]
Irapuato         02/06/2011 11:07
Father's Day:International history and traditions
In a few Catholic countries, it is celebrated on the Feast of St. Joseph.[citation needed]
Arab world
Main article: Mother's_Day#Arab_World
It's celebrated on 21st June, the first day of summer — except Lebanon, that celebrates in 20th June. This is because Mother's Day in those countries is celebrated in the first day of spring. Argentina Father's Day in Argentina is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, but there have been several attempts… [More]