Video: New Jersey Gov. Christie cornered on homosexual views
Sokrates     16/06/2011 04:47
One of America’s top conservative personalities distanced himself from his Catholic faith’s teachings on homosexuality, saying that he believes homosexuals are “born that way” and therefore it is “very difficult” to call homosexuality sinful.
Psallo         28/10/2011 09:29
The governor suffers from the exact same problem Catholics and Protestants do: I am my own highest authority and I can pick and choose which of God's truth I agree with.
This is why He gave us the Bible. It acts just like the Constitution, except it cannot be amended. But we live in a nation whose education system has relentlessly taught the primacy of one's own desires over all others, especially God's.
JTLiuzza         16/06/2011 19:57
It is clear that he doesn't understand the Church's teaching.
Tu_es_Petrus         16/06/2011 18:29
I don't think Christie "distanced" himself as you say. More like he didn't understand his Catholic faith's teachings on the matter. At worst, he fumbled the ball.
Do you understand the teaching?