Gloria TV News on the Feast of St. Irenaeus
Gloria.TV News     28/06/2011 08:26
Fired For Defending Marriage
Canadian TV sports announcer Damian Goddard was fired from his position as a freelance announcer on Rogers Sportsnet. The reason: Goddard had send a message from his personal Twitter account backing another … [More]
Irapuato         29/06/2011 14:32
Doina, I believe ACL is right--there are a lot of "kooks" out there--even on
ACLumsden         29/06/2011 10:20
Doina dear, do take care that in offering your address unto all, you receive rather 'odd' gifts. Not everyone who might send you something is 'sane'.....
Holy Cannoli         29/06/2011 10:19
For formal occasions, basic black always works.
Irapuato         29/06/2011 10:15
@Doina Good answer!
Doina         29/06/2011 10:10
Dear Athanasius,
I would be very happy to put on, from time to time, anything you would consider fit for a Catholic News Presenter and anything You will send to Gloria.TV Switzerland. Jewelry can also be included, but, please take a note, on Gloria, everything is true...
Holy Cannoli         29/06/2011 07:34
Common courtesy and common sense are not so common these days. It is especially troubling when it is Catholics who are guilty of non socially acceptable behavior. The proper way to make a criticism of the way you dress would have been back-channel via private communication to you. But, this insensitive individual has decided that you were deserving of public humiliation. It is for that reason, I will make my rebuttal public as well.
This day, just as you do every day when presenting the … [More]
Leone         29/06/2011 07:24
De disgustibus non est disputandum.
Jacobitess         29/06/2011 05:58
I'm not really sure what the argument you hold is.
If you are a patriotic Pole, then I think you have simply misunderstood this news flash. If you are a PO supporter, then I can only pray for you.
My very patriotic Polish boyfriend was talking to me about this priest and his comments the other day, and he's very
proud of the priest for standing against PO and the government. We are both proud that the Vatican has thus far refused to censure the Ks. Rydzyk.
As to the points you made: i.…
Slave4         28/06/2011 19:28
Doina, you do a wonderful job I hope the best for you and Gloria, but could you please refrain from wearing see through blouses please? May Our Lady of Fatima Bless you and guide you!
schoole         28/06/2011 12:42
GLORIA.TV Another "Polish Joke"?
See this anti-catholic Report on the German Page:
Polen protestiert beim Vatikan gegen «Radio Maryja»-Chef
1. after he (Father Rydzyk) described Poland during a meeting at the European Parliament as uncivilized
I couldn't see and hear at any station, he said "Poland is uncivilized" He meant the methods of this goverment are uncivilized. And that is true. 2. He heads a media empire Radio Mary and TV TRWAM are much smaller than the post-communist Polish Polsat … [More]
Holy Cannoli         28/06/2011 12:34
If you have time, watch the video that Doina linked to.
Michael Coren on being fired over a Tweet
I love it when a liberal gets destroyed with logic especially when it's at the hands of a Christian (Canadian Michael Coren of CTS, Faith Matters). The lib on this program (a supporter of homosexual “marriage”) is too thick-skilled to even realize it.
Only on a Christian station could such a discussion be held without the Christian supporter of traditional marriage being called a bigot, … [More]
ACLumsden         28/06/2011 11:27
Thanks Doina. I took Cannoli's links to their logical conclusion; and yes, I knew it had to be a 'same-sex' issue, but that was not explicit - there just might have been others who were unclear about it. So thanks again for your clarification.
Doina         28/06/2011 11:17
Some more information in connection with the case of Damian Goddar: Michael Coren on being fired over a Tweet
Doina         28/06/2011 11:15
Dear ACLumsdem,
Here is the text of the news:
Canadian TV sports announcer Damian Goddard was fired from his position as a freelance announcer on Rogers Sportsnet. The reason: Goddard had send a message from his personal Twitter account backing another sports figure’s support for marriage. Now, Goddard is going to file a complaint with Canada’s human rights commission against his former employer on free speech and religious freedom grounds. His lawyer said: “Unless it is challenged, … [More]
Don Henri         28/06/2011 10:40
Once upon a time, in Heavens, Saint Joseph, who was a little bit bored, asked to Saint Peter to have a brief holidays in Earth, in order to go to a carpentery convention. St Peter said OK and sent him down to Earth to his carpentery convention.
Another day, Our Blessed Lord Himself asked St Peter in order to go to Earth in person, to have some holidays in the fair country of Moldova, a country He have never visited.
The day after, Saint Peter met the Blessed Virgin Mary, and asked "O Mary conce… [More]
ACLumsden         28/06/2011 09:45
Ah!! Thanks cannoli, I thought it might have been a 'same-sex' issue. However, one needs to be specific/explicit in ones language when reporting these issues. As it stands now, the news item conveys the idea that Mr Goddard was sacked because he supproted a mate's marriage - to me that means to his girlfriend. Herein lay my confusion...i.e. why would he be sacked for that???? I've now learnt this is NOT the case.... Thanks that man!
Holy Cannoli         28/06/2011 09:33
TORONTO -- A Toronto broadcaster has been fired after he posted on Twitter about the debate surrounding New York Rangers forward Sean Avery's support of same-sex marriage.
Damian Goddard was a host on Rogers Sportsnet. On Tuesday, he tweeted his support for hockey agent Todd Reynolds, who used Twitter to voice his opposition to Avery's position.
Goddard wrote: "I completely and whole-heartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage."
sports.espn… [More]
ACLumsden         28/06/2011 09:27
@Doina - Regarding Mr Damian Goddard:
You did not qualify the word "marriage" with respect the Damian Goddard issue. Is Mr. Goddard's support of same-sex marriage the issue (that got him sacked)? Anything less than this would render this news item quite ridiculous indeed. At the moment, it makes no sense whatsoever. Could you clarify this please?
Holy Cannoli         28/06/2011 08:43
Polish Government Against Radio Maryja
He [Father Tadeusz Rydzy] described Poland during a meeting at the European Parliament as uncivilized and governed by a "totalitarian" regime.
Father's words could very easilly describe the U.S. although I would add "barbaric" because of America's current support for abortion. ================================================ The Tablet Pictures Women as Passive Victims Internet Annie Mackie-Savage the Latin Mass Socie… [More]