Satire ~ Father Corapi and the Brit
Holy Cannoli     01/07/2011 07:45
"I am not a saint though I play one on TV."
"Yes, we know."
Tu_es_Petrus         08/07/2011 13:32
Holy Cannoli         01/07/2011 13:59
Santa Cruz Ministries was still offering a 50 per cent discount on his [the B.S.] CDs, DVDs and books in recognition of the 20th anniversary of his ordination.
50% off Benny. Time to pick up a few more DVDs?
Holy Cannoli         01/07/2011 13:53
No, HC, I am doubting that you are in a position to verify your quotation, even as you assert it, again, with undoubted confidence.
I don't expect that this will affect your opinion in the slightest. Not even a notorized statement, signed by 3 witnesses, would be enough for a person who has chosen to disconnect with reality and the indisputalbe facts in this case.
So, here we go again this time I'm going to quote from the National Catholic Register
He [Father Sheehan] expressed disappointment … [More]
ACLumsden         01/07/2011 12:48
SBpfu - Understood chum!
ACLumsden         01/07/2011 12:28
Greetings gentlemen! Philosopher - the owning of property is not bad in and of itself. However, ones station in life dictates what is allowed, in addition to which the regula by which one lives. If one is a secular priest, ones regula depends upon ones Bishop. The Bishop has the authority to approve or disapporve of a cleric owning something, e.g. a home. On the other hand, if one is a religious priest, i.e. a priest in religious vows (evangelical vows), ones regula is decidedly … [More]
Holy Cannoli         01/07/2011 12:15
Judging people out of our sight, which would presumably include Fr. Corapi, is a sin.
You fans of the B.S. amuse me. Among my several posts seen below, I've quoted directly from the B.S.'s superior. If you don't like it, take it up with Fr. Sheehan and tell him that Judging people out of our sight is a sin. Of course, Fr. Sheehan would tell you that, in this case, it is hardly out of sight and that it is YOU who are "judging out of sight."

During that… [More]
Holy Cannoli         01/07/2011 11:54
Since when is owning a home, a car, a boat, motorcycle, and taking vacations a sin?
Having a woman is not a sin in itself but is unseemly when it involves a priest. So is disobedicence to your superiors. I don't have a superior: the B.S. did.
The society is moving to a more organized structural phase of its existence, with all the Church discipline that entails.” The implication of his remarks was that Father Corapi had not accommodated the discipline imposed by the new constitution. [More]
philosopher         01/07/2011 11:36
St. Augustine said, to enjoy all the gifts bestowed upon us by God, in God.
Since when is owning a home, a car, a boat, motorcycle, and taking vacations a sin? However, envy and jealousy of anothers property is! Moreover, supporting yourself is a virtue not a vice.
O.k so, you guys are dissapointed that Fr. Corapi left the priestly ministry, I get that, but, that situation was brought about by the Liberals in the Church.
Holy Cannoli         01/07/2011 10:23
fame and fortune are lethal to the vocation of anyone called to serve God in such a deep and profound way.
I would expand that to say that fame and fortune can be lethal to anyone of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ (Christians).
You could also add "good looks" to the equation. Trust me, physcial attractiveness is both a blessing and a curse.
ACLumsden         01/07/2011 09:08
Cannoli, Greetings I had an idea this was the case with Fr Corapi. When O when will clergy learn to detect the signs of the begining of corruption of their vocation? I am sure Corapi must have seen himself steadily going downhill into the secular, rather than up into the spiritual! Yet again, fame and fortune are lethal to the vocation of anyone called to serve God in such a deep and profound way.
The history of the Church is fraught with examples of those who have both failed and … [More]
Holy Cannoli         01/07/2011 07:54
The testimony from a dissapointed fan who went to the talk he gave in Cincinnati, Ohio.
During the course of the day, we learned that Fr. Corapi owns a home in northwest Montana which he paid for with a million-dollar lawsuit settlement. He drives a fast car with lots of horsepower and keeps a loaded .45 in the glove compartment. He also rides a fat boy Harley Davidson motorcycle, owns a boat of unspecified size, and vacations in Key West. He works out six times a week, twice with a female … [More]
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