Catholic News Roundup 07-13
Irapuato     13/07/2011 23:19
RealCatholicTV Jul 13, 2011 Today's stories:- Same-Sex Marriage Denied
- Gay Marriage Attacks the Innocent
- Irish Abortion Propaganda
- Abortuary Health Violations
- Designer Baby Door Opens - Cleveland Under Investigation
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Irapuato         14/07/2011 10:33
Well, you are right...even BLESSED Anna Katharina Emmerick, (she was beatified by BLESSED Pope John Paul II), saw this--that the Pope would be surrounded by people who would not serve him well--in the revelations made to her, by Our Lord....
Holy Cannoli         14/07/2011 10:13

As do all men of high station and power, HH has advisors that he relies upon for information and to assist in making decisions. If those advisors give him faulty information or poor advice, what kind of decision is likely to flow from such advice?
Irapuato         14/07/2011 10:09
Holy Cannoli         14/07/2011 09:48
Vol 3?
Maybe, but Vol 3 didn't delay the beatificaion of JP-II.
Here's a clue.
HH is studying "how his (Pius XII's) possible beatification would impact Catholic-Jewish and Vatican-Israeli relations."
Seems to be a tad political, doesn't it?
Irapuato         14/07/2011 09:46
Maybe, because HH has to finish his Vol. 3 of Jesus of Nazareth, first?....
Holy Cannoli         14/07/2011 09:42
Researcher finds proof of widespread Jewish support for Pope Pius XII
We've known this for some time. I know it, you know it, don't you think HH knows it as well?
If so, what could be the reason that the cause for PPXII (who died in 1958) doesn't begin in earnesty?
Irapuato         14/07/2011 09:28
Angy         14/07/2011 01:49
Yup, I hope he is well
Irapuato         14/07/2011 01:30
Don Reto is online!
Irapuato         14/07/2011 00:40
Jesuits teach nearly 4,000 Afghan youth
Jesuits seek support for Afghan mission