True Devotion to Mary-St. Louis De Monfort-Intro.
Irapuato     18/07/2011 03:38
louismontfort on May 5, 2011 Considered the greatest single book on Mary ever written, this classic shows the way to Jesus through Mary. It sums up the entire Christian life and provides the key both to sanctity and to salvation. Beloved by … [More]
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soundingjoy         18/07/2011 12:44
Thank you Gregory, for explaining the gift of Mary in our lives. She was the Ark of the Covenant, carrying the most Precious Gift of Heaven. What beauty I ponder, considering such a Holy Mother.
This video is simply inspiring to my heart as I weep listening to this wonderful discription of the Blessed Virgin.
In Christ,
Irapuato         18/07/2011 06:27
pt. 3: 3 True Devotion to Mary Part 3 True Devotion to Mary
Irapuato         18/07/2011 06:18
pt. 2: 2 True Devotion to Mary Part 2 True Devotion to Mary