holyrope 3     30/07/2011 16:59
A Story about the relation between Wicca (Witchcraft) and Child Sacrifice. Chilling that we see our world becoming like the ancient pagans of old who sacrificed their own children to their gods.
holyrope 3         31/07/2011 02:09
Save us from the EVIL ONE! [More]
holyrope 3         30/07/2011 20:01
your welcome!
kfarley         30/07/2011 19:49
Great video Rope! Abortion is recognized by the devil and his minions as a sacrifice to satan, it's too bad all of mankind cannot or will not recognize abortion as such.
holyrope 3         30/07/2011 17:10
The RELATION between Witchcraft and Child Sacrifice. This true story tells of the relationship between WICCA Witches, their Magical Spells and Abortion Killing!