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Gloria.TV News  15/01/2009 08:49
Pope Asks for Prayer
A Completle Different Society
That They May become One in Your Hand
Jesuits Attack the Pope
holyrope     16/01/2009 10:18
Just because the jews wish to rule the world; they have not yet understood that they cannot rule God's Church which He founded. To the jews this is a tiresome struggle in their conquest to dismantle our Church and belief. It is just like the pharasee to want their "subordinate" to bend their knees to them, all the while they persecute our Church and religion. They vociferously and continuously want the world to think we Catholics do them such a great injustice by the use of 3-4 words we have … [More]
Anastasia     15/01/2009 14:10
Foarte bine Lucicut!