Litany of St Michael the Archangel
Irapuato  29/09/2011 02:06
AnimeSong3 on Jul 18, 2010 Litany in honor of St Michael the Archangel
Musical Credit: Artist: Michel Pépé
Album: Floraisons Sacrées
Song: Eurasia de eurasia
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Pussywillow     22/11/2011 10:51
This is beautiful! The music & pictures add so much. I've been praying it regularly for a priest friend who's in a very diffiicult situation.
May I ask where you found the beautiful stained glass images? I'd love to be able to use some of them in making spiritual bouquet cards.
Thank you :)
May God reward you!
gottogosome     29/09/2011 11:51
Sancte Michael Archangele, Ora pro nobis
Angy     29/09/2011 04:05

Thanks for posting this, Ira!
Irapuato     29/09/2011 02:08
Litany of St Michael the Archangel