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Gloria.TV News     05/10/2011 09:04
Holy Cannoli         08/10/2011 07:58
I could not document all the occasions I have read errors and misreports in the EP Times.
We are not talking about errors or misreports from other times and other stories. Just "document" the error here with hard evidence. So far, you haven't done so
Look, your quarrel is NOT with me. What you are guilty of (and this happens regularly on this forum) is the logical fallacy called "shooting the messenger."
If what you claim is true than Fr. Rodriquez has been slandered, libeled and can sue for … [More]
dvrodrig         08/10/2011 07:38
Dear Holy Cannoli. Clearly you are not from El Paso. I could not document all the occasions I have read errors and misreports in the EP Times. Be that as it may, please read the articles written by Fr. Rodriguez for yourself. You can then see that he was promoting Catholic teaching (and not favoring a paritcular candidate over another, as is prohibited by IRS code, and not involved in the recall process.) Those letters can be read at - just click on the larger button near … [More]
Holy Cannoli         07/10/2011 08:12
Holy Cannoli stated an error.
Holy Cannoli simply stated what is written in the El Paso Times.
A local priest who became involved in a recall effort of the mayor and two City Council members was reassigned to a church somewhere in West Texas because of his activities.
If you have evidence that proves the El Paso Times is mistaken, please post it. If not, you are merely engaging in wishful thinking which … [More]
dvrodrig         07/10/2011 00:14
Holy Cannoli stated an error. Fr. Rodriguez never participated in the political recall effort. People have slandered and misrepresented the situation by saying that. Anyone can verify this by reading the public statements he made. He simply taught the teaching of the Church, quoting the Catechism, the USCCB's documents, Our Lord Himself, and reputable professionals. He insisted on the moral teaching and always remarked, once you know the Church's teaching, the actions a faithful Catholic must … [More]
holyrope 3         05/10/2011 14:33
Bishop Ochoais who sent Fr. Rodriguez away is a former auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles consecrated by Cardinal Roger Mahoney. [More]
holyrope 3         05/10/2011 13:42
That 2nd website below, tells it all. We're with you Fr. Rodriguez!
Holy Cannoli         05/10/2011 13:25
A good priest is always where he ought to be.
Totally illogical statement. Whether or not it is true depends on many factors including the dispostion of the priest's bishop.
Bishop Ochoa said the teaching of the Church on homosexuality must be taught in season and out, but clergy "cannot be involved in partisan efforts aimed at supporting or opposing candidates for political office and efforts to recall them."
Fr. Rodriguez was participating in a recall effort against the mayor and two city … [More]
Trinitas         05/10/2011 11:36
The only isolated parish I know of is the one found in hell.
Our Lord commenced His ministry from a lonely place.
A good priest is always where he ought to be.
holyrope 3         05/10/2011 09:59
tbswv         05/10/2011 09:55
In regards to Father Rodriquez... This is what happens when a devout priest, who is in full accord with ALL the doctrines of Holy Mother Church, and who fearlessly defends the sacredness of marriage is removed and sent to an isolated parish. If this "bishop" left the comfort of his chancery and saw that his church was full of devout parisheners maybe he would have defended him. And for all those who have this view that clergy and hierarchy cannot be criticized or challenged in terms of … [More]
Germen         05/10/2011 09:54
Pray for the priests. Thanks, Doina, and God bless you.
holyrope 3         05/10/2011 09:20
Please pray for Father Rodriguez...all good, holy, and faithful priests continue to be persecuted. We nee MORE like him!!
Thank you Doina! [More]
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