Blessed Alexandrina - Our Lady appears to announce Alexandrina's death
Kevin     13/10/2011 16:06
Fr Umberto Pasquale, the Spiritual Director of Alexandrina, was in Italy when Alexandrina died in Portugal, and was unaware of her death. On the day after her death, he offered Mass in the morning as usual, and afterwards was approached in the … [More]
Kevin         16/07/2013 08:34
Correct address to buy this booklet is:-
soundingjoy         14/10/2011 01:54
Bless you Kevin for this inspiring share, how it touches our hearts to please the Lord. God be your portion always.
In Christ,
holyrope 3         13/10/2011 23:57
Thank you Kevin for this!
Kevin         13/10/2011 16:14
A new DVD is available on the life and mission of Blessed Alexandrina - see here:-
Kevin         13/10/2011 16:14
Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa of Balasar, Portugal (1904 – 1955), one of the great mystics of modern times, was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2004. A ‘victim soul', chosen by Christ to suffer in atonement for the sins of humanity, she was bedridden for life from the age of twenty after sustaining injuries while escaping from an attacker. She mystically underwent the Passion of Christ on Fridays and her sufferings helped to shorten World War II. Her astounding life has many connections … [More]