Italian Town of Mantua, (Italy)
Irapuato     22/11/2011 00:15
geobeats on Feb 10, 2011 Basilica di Sant'Andrea di Mantova:..pilgrims ..during the feast of Ascension when a vial, that contains the Blood of Christ, is brought up from the crypt below through a hole in the floor directly under the dome. The relic… [More]
Irapuato         22/11/2011 07:41
Our veneration of the Precious Blood relic in Weingarten, 2009 collage:
Collage: Blutritt, 2009, Weingarten, Germany We also visited Mantua, and that is where I learned about the connection between Mantua and Weingarten, and St. Longinus...
Irapuato         22/11/2011 00:26
Part of this Precious Blood relic was given to Weingarten:
Weingarten - Basilika St. Martin
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