50 Million Lost!
SacredHeart     25/02/2009 23:21
50 bell tolls in memory of the 50 million souls lost in America through abortion. Portland, Oregon January 18, 2009
holyrope         02/03/2009 18:34
Poor, Poor little innocent souls, gifts from the Almighty..refused, slaughtered, burned and even sold for body parts. Dear God, forgive us! We still know Not what we are doing!
America, America...the blood of these murdered little ones is on you America...we must pay for all our actions. Why is that so hard to comprehend. The devil is ALIVE AND WELL. Over 50,000,000 little lives GONE! These babies did not ask to be conceived, but were.. Does that mean they should be killed? NO! Did they … [More]
Angie         26/02/2009 05:04
One night I had a dream. In my dream was a lady dressed in a veil who stood outside and guarded two huge children's wards. As I walked with some people towards the entrance of one ward, it was impossibe to see the ends of the ward. It was so full on little children. These kids were just lying in their small beds in silence. As I walked througn this ward, I whispered, "God have mercy on us (me)". I was visiting my child whom I lost in still birth. I held my child. She was pure, dressed in white … [More]
Angie         26/02/2009 04:44
My soul was deeply pierced. I had tears in my eyes. God please forgive us for our ignorance. THESE ANGELS WE RECEIVE FROM GOD AS A GIFT BUT THE WORLD TURNS THEM DOWN. WHY, WHY? Don't we want to take part in God's creation? angie