Andechs Monastery - Great Attractions (Munich, Germany)
Irapuato     04/12/2011 14:51
geobeats on Dec 6, 2010 In the 12th century relics of the Host consecrated by two of the first Popes of the Catholic church were housed here, resulting in it becoming a popular pilgrimage destination.
Irapuato         04/12/2011 15:06
The Benedictine abbey of Andechs is a place of pilgrimage on a hill east of the Ammersee in the Landkreis of Starnberg (Upper Bavaria) in Germany, in the municipality Andechs. Andechs Abbey is famed for its flamboyant Baroque church (1712) and its brewery. Composer Carl Orff is buried in the church.
In 955, relics which Rasso, count of Diessen, had brought from Rome and the Holy Land to his monastery at Wörth (later called Grafrath) had been transferred to this site to preserve them … [More]
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