Father John Corapi's Conversion Story
stchadwick     15/03/2009 04:10
Father John Corapi's Conversion Story.
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LovelyGiraffe         08/04/2015 14:54
my prayer; " May GOD Be With You, Father Corapi. "
maemcgee@gmail.com         21/02/2014 18:17
Love this story so uplifting, God bless Fr Corapi wherever he is.
RussAnt         06/05/2013 23:39
I have followed Father Corapi for a while and he was by far my favorite Catholic speaker along with Scott Hahn. Father was an inspiration in my life and I consider Father my brother and friend. I have no idea what the truth of the allegations and story is. What I do know is Father was "right on", told it how it was, and his heart was in the right place to say the least. I know he loves our Lord and our Blessed Mother and gave it his all. If for any reason drinking or drugs were involved there … [More]
patricioverastegui         25/07/2011 23:55
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dano2112         04/07/2010 05:05
Amazing testimony, I never thought that a man who was a priest could have ever lived a sinful life in the past.. Shows you how ignorant i can be !Fr. Corapi is a living testimony to GOD! He will definetly, have a front row seat in heaven.. A man of great faith, I thank GOD for him and all the people in the church like him who live for GOD and his mercy! Thank you GOD
CatholicFireman         20/03/2009 13:08
My favorite testimony, still. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to his encounters with the Blessed Mother......especially the last one in St. Peters Basilica. Pax†
deep_creek         18/03/2009 21:18
excellent. thanks for sharing!!
johnnydigit         15/03/2009 19:09
my most favorite testimony ever! (actually this one is a little different than the one on cd - he's given it at many places) next would be Fr. Donald Calloway's. they both had some crazy lives and some amazing St. Paul-like conversions.
for many reasons, this one really hits home when i think about discerning the priesthood..
mrsreneoriordan         15/03/2009 08:23
This is what the apostles must have sounded like! - Powerful. A health warning should be posted on this video, ie. - if you don't want to get well don't listen to this guy!!! - Blessings - Rene
Markus         15/03/2009 04:14