Sursum Corda by Fr. Michael Rodriguez
holyrope 3     13/01/2012 21:30
+J.M.J.+ Sursum Corda for a New Bishop of El Paso, Texas. By
Father Michael Rodriguez POSTED: 12/5/11
GUEST COLUMNIST to RemnantNewspaper.
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holyrope 3         17/01/2012 12:35
StCatherine         17/01/2012 12:26
Fr Rodriguez, fear not for our Lord is with you. Those who are at peace with the world are enemies of God. Your sufferings are worth as it was the sufferings of the Saints who suffered and died for the holy Church of God and His teachings. Love you Fr.
SSPXer         17/01/2012 02:38
New Church problem.
SSPXer         13/01/2012 22:36
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holyrope 3         13/01/2012 22:25
holyrope 3         13/01/2012 21:47
Fr. Rodriguez prays for a new bishop for El Paso, Tx. He also speaks of the existing problems that must be dealt with. He asks for our prayers.