Holy God
soundingjoy     19/01/2012 13:13
Teach us to worship God with humble hearts for the Great Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus.
soundingjoy         24/01/2012 21:02
Dear Juliesloveslotr,
Bless you in the love of Christ our Lord, may His Face shine upon you as your journey with Him to the High Places.
holyrope 3         21/01/2012 22:04
Yes, thank you soundinglory....may you be blessed with strength and perseverance in all you do. 🙏
Juliesloveslotr         21/01/2012 22:01
May God's Grace be with you always soundingjoy. Thank you for this beautiful video.
soundingjoy         20/01/2012 14:13
Bless you Holyrope3 this day with manifold blessings of joy.
holyrope 3         19/01/2012 22:57
soundinglory.....thank you dear! 👼