"Catholic" Women's Lib (Real Catholic TV)
holyrope 3     19/01/2012 18:16
REAL CATHOLIC TV: 01-19-12...Men and women obviously have equal worth regarding the roles they play in family life, but their roles are different--and the absence of masculinity in the Mystical Body of Christ is definitely taking its toll.
holyrope 3         20/01/2012 00:02
Forgot....There is also a Wonderful APP called "iPieta" , which has the everyday readings, the complete Bible in both English and Latin, the Feast Days, beautiful Prayers, the Imitation of Christ, the list is too long to mention.
holyrope 3         19/01/2012 23:49
There is a DAILY Latin Mass which is offered via the Internet by the FSSP in Sarasota, Fla. It begins a 9am. There is also an APP "IMass" for IPad & IPhone. It is really wonderful and the priest will always give a little homily during the weekday Masses. Just a little FYI 💒