Padre Pio-Miracle Man-Ital./Eng. subs
Irapuato     22/01/2012 04:47
StacyFXproductions on Jan 19, 2012 Padre Pio-Miracle Man-Ital./Eng. subs
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saviok Merry Christmas  !
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bless you iraputo for your trouble.
charisma         26/01/2012 13:29
magyarul - in Hungarian:
Irapuato         22/01/2012 07:03
I was compelled to watch the original 3 hour and 45 minute two part movie with English subtitles in one sitting. However, for most people watching almost four hours of any movie is too long so I edited it cutting almost two hours from the movie.
Editing usually requires cuts from scenes that you are attached to. In this case, however, there were very long introductory scenes that were little more than a walk through the country. If you love this … [More]
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