Juliesloveslotr     24/01/2012 17:33
One thing is particularly remarkable in the life of St. Gertrude, the like of which cannot be found in the life of any other saint: It is the extraordinary promises made to her by our Savior in favor of those who venerate her.
soundingjoy         24/01/2012 21:07
Such a blessing to the heart dear sister in Christ. May we all ask, " What do You desire of me?" Thank you for the share.
Juliesloveslotr         24/01/2012 20:20
The Lord will give grace...This He does in the first place, by giving Himself, the Infinite and Eternal Fountain of grace ...Grace Mercy Peace. Much love in Christ be with you holyrope +++
holyrope 3         24/01/2012 17:59
What a wonderful and blessed Saint! ... Thank you Julianna 🌹