NewsBusted 1/27/12
holyrope 3     28/01/2012 16:11
Topics in today's show:
--Obama goes for huge venue to accept Dem nomination
--Liberals in Congress target oil company profits
--Gas expected to hit $5/gallon in summer
--Kobe Bryant's wife looks to get 3 mansions and $75 mil in divorce settlement
    RomanCandle made a reference: RomanCandle.     29/01/2012 16:45
holyrope 3         28/01/2012 23:53
Obama has spent more time away on vacations than any other president at the expense of the taxpayers of course. Pro-abortion Obama must not get another term as 'President"
holyrope 3         28/01/2012 21:02
Glad you enjoyed it sounding joy, bless you. 👼
soundingjoy         28/01/2012 20:43
Dear Holyrope3,
These news posts lighten our hearts, in the times we live in. Thank you for bringing cheer to our lives
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