Gloria.TV – News Briefs     30/01/2012 06:18
Photo ~ Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
Vatican Diary / Viganò, the untouchable
The current nuncio to Washington cannot stand having been driven out of Rome. And he is reacting against his archenemy, Cardinal Bertone. He has many supporters in the … [More]
holyrope 3         31/01/2012 00:57
Business as usual.
Gloria.TV – News Briefs         30/01/2012 06:51
Vatican whistle-blower begged to continue crusade: letter
(Reuters) - A senior Vatican official who was transferred after he exposed a web of corruption begged to be allowed to continue his crusade and denounced a "vulgar and insolent" cleric behind a plot to destroy him, according to a leaked letter on Friday. [More]
13:45 Spiritual Vignette #44
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