''Un complotto per uccidere il Papa entro un anno''/Plot to kill the Pope
Irapuato     10/02/2012 08:05
CSFRieti on Feb 9, 2012
digilander.libero.it/.../index.html A plot to kill the Pope, within 12 months. The anticipation of "Made Daily" was made during the Feb. 9 episode of "public service", the transmission of Michele Santoro. The newspaper said … [Altro]
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Irapuato         10/02/2012 08:07
'Plot to kill pope' sparks Italian media storm
Letter published in Italian newspaper claims cardinal predicted Pope Benedict XVI would die within a year

Claims of a bizarre plot to assassinate Pope Benedict XVI are reverberating through Italy in what observers say signals the latest twist in an increasingly cutthroat internal Vatican power dispute.
The Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano published the sensational "mordkomplott" letter detailing an alleged plot against the pope on its front … [Altro]
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