soundingjoy     14/02/2012 13:58
Christ became blood stained majesty, His wounds heal and bring us salvation.
soundingjoy         16/02/2012 14:56
Dear Gregory, brother in Christ,
Your ever encouraging words and charity toward all here, bring solitude to the soul. I am thankful, Christ was broken for love's sake, making us whole. Bless you as you share the truth of our Most Holy Faith.
soundingjoy         16/02/2012 14:50
Dear Juliesloveslotr,
What a blessing to share in fellowship in our Lord. His love surround you, His peace keep you, and His living water flow through your videos.
Juliesloveslotr         16/02/2012 08:18
This is incredibly beautiful Soundingjoy. Thank you for sharing this with us.