Gloria TV News on the 27th of February
Gloria.TV News     27/02/2012 07:58
Cardinal Dolan is Not a Mass Murderer
We Have to Revitalize Our Liturgy
Santorum Almost Threw Up
Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Cook
Luchinka         28/02/2012 07:33
Hi! To all of you I am glad you liked the news. I must say my favorite one is the first one
@Cannoli, yes I know how to make pasta melanzane
StCatherine         27/02/2012 12:03
Some good news today. It is encouraging. Go Rick Santorum!
holyrope 3         27/02/2012 11:13

Johnny.. "I got the charm"...he sure does!!! One of a kind.
Best pizza in all Atlanta! Everything imported from Italia and they have one of Only three ovens like that in all USA.
Doina         27/02/2012 11:04
Johnny - a young Pizzaiolo from Atlanta, Georgia.
holyrope 3         27/02/2012 09:23
That's true about the eggplant...we always either salted it or had it sit for awhile in salted water and patting dry before cooking it. Nothing like Italian food!
holyrope 3         27/02/2012 08:49
Thank you Lucia...great job with the news!
Holy Cannoli         27/02/2012 08:19
Cooking, eh?
I recently enjoyed some home-cooked pasta melanzane which is a perfect meatless dish for lent. Although I don't know exactly how it was made, spreading (real) salt over the melanzane and
patting dry with paper towels is important to remove the water/bitterness from the vegetable. I have been told that smaller size eggplants are preferable since they are not as bitter as the larger ones.
Thanks for the news, Lucia. p.s. Do … [Altro]
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