TLIG - Encounter with God father (part 2)
herbie     29/02/2008 13:23
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My Encounter with God Father
Meu Encontro com Deus Pai (LEGENDADO - parte 3) - Esta gravação foi filmada na casa de Vassula em Roma, em 1999. Aqui ela contra sobre o seu encontro com Deus Pai.
ľubica         20/05/2011 05:08
eine wichtige Information im ENGLISCHEN
Beten wir für Frau Ryden, dass sie sich nun besinnt und im Geiste der Buße un Umkehr von ihren Wegen umkehrt.
Klaus         16/04/2011 08:30
eine wichtige Information für jene welche die Texte von Frau Ryden lesen.
REVTHREEVS21         10/01/2010 15:42
Herbie: This is very interesting.......and I believe she is sincere..... [More]
herbie         02/03/2008 12:50
Cardinal Ratzinger, that time as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) - investigated Vassula on matters that were not clear and needed to be clarified. All the Questions where answered to full contentment - the Situation was called "modified":
click there on :
CDF CONTENTS - and you'll find the whole correspondance
It is to be said, that the current Cardinal Levada is disregarding this work from the CDF under Cardinal Ratzinger. This matter is … [More]
Catolico         02/03/2008 06:05
It remains inappropriate for Catholics to take part in prayer groups established by Mrs Rydén
read more here
Nao e apropriado para Catolicos participar em actividades religiosas organizadas pela Sra Rydén
Para mais informacao leia mais aqui (ingles)
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