Gloria.TV News     12/03/2012 07:21
A Very Good Add
Father Guarnizo Has Been Sacked
Cardinal Keith O’Brien Defends His Position
A New Shrine Of Saint Augustine of Canterbury
Reginald Smith         13/03/2012 02:42
"If that is what you believe, get out."
That was quite the news report Lucia!
holyrope 3         12/03/2012 11:38
Anyone wishing to contact the diocese of Fathr Guarnizo and speak on his behalf:
St. John Neumann Parish - Pastor Rev. Thomas LaHood
Phone: (301) 977-5492
Bishop Barry Knestout: (301) 853-4515 [More]
ACLumsden         12/03/2012 09:32
Pity that the Subiaco monks had to move from Ramsgate Abbey.... However, it is a most agreeable thing that the Abbatial Church is now an Augustinian Shine.
StCatherine         12/03/2012 08:50
How shameful. One more time a leader in the Church gives in to the enemies of the Church. I am sure the Plan of God to save His Church is on the way.
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