Birnau, Germany Pilgrimage Church/Wallfahrtskirche
Irapuato     30/04/2012 07:55
sakralrchitektur The exuberant, powder-pink Birnau pilgrimage church is one of Lake Constance's architectural highlights. It was built by the rococo master Peter Thumb of Vorarlberg in 1746.
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maryjesu         15/01/2014 16:04
soundingjoy         30/04/2012 13:49
Such beauty, thank you Ira for taking me around the world to behold such splendor
Irapuato         30/04/2012 11:59
Einladung 17.Mai 2012, S.E. Bischof Vitus Huonder Einladung, mit S.E. Bischof Vitus Huonder, in der Klosterkirch Biranau am Bodensee P.S. Someone also sent me this great link: