May 10 St. John of Avila - Did you Know?
Irapuato  09/05/2012 11:16
saltandlighttv May 10 St. John of Avila - Did you Know?
Irapuato     09/05/2012 11:34
Birth: January 6, 1500; Almodóvar del Campo, near Toledo, Spain Feast Day: May 10th
Known for: celebrating Mass with great devotion, tremendous gift of preaching, encouraging frequent communion, efforts to reform the lay state and the clergy, apostolic and social works, wise spiritual council, charity, prudence and discretion.
Patron Saint of: Spanish secular clergy
Relationship to a saint: St. Teresa of Avila, Saint John of God, Saint Francis Borgia, Venerable Louis of Granada were among the … [More]
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