May 31 The Feast of the Visitation
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by irapuato 31.05.2012 May 31 The Feast of the Visitation
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The Visitation, Pietro di Francesco degli Orioli (1458-1496), Pinacoteca, Siena, Italy. © La Collection / Domingie & Rabatti.
In the fifteenth century, the representation of the Visitation becomes much more than a simple pictorial narration of the Gospel of Luke (1: 39ff).
It serves as a window through which to contemplate the mystery of God who visits and redeems his people. On the surface, the Visitation by Pietro Orioli depicts a touching family reunion, based on the apocrypha… [More]
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The Virgin Mary’s visit to Elizabeth was first set in a place other than that of the birth of Saint John at the beginning of the 14th century: "Zechariah’s house is in the mountains of Judea.. In this place there are two churches… and between these churches flows a spring that is quite full of water. At the site of the first church, it is said, Elisabeth was greeted by the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is also said that the blessed John the Baptist was hidden there … [More]