Elisha9821     01/10/2009 12:44
St Therese of the Child Jesus was born at Alencon in France in 1873. While still a young girl, she entered the Carmelite monastery at Lisieux. There she lived a life of humility, evangelical simplicity and trust in God. By word and example she … [More]
holyrope1         30/01/2010 12:15
Look how God can bring forth from what was a spoiled little child who would get on the floor throwing tantrums....to grow into a Beautiful budding Rose so pleasing to her God.
St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Pray for us. [More]
Barbara Anna         07/10/2009 12:50
lovely video lovely person*♥*
Carol         02/10/2009 19:54
Simplicity. A virtue and sign of true humility and likeness with our God. Thank you so much for revealing the simplicity that dwelt in this beloved saint, so visible not only in her words, but in her pure, angelic like eyes that reveal the depths of her soul. A soul in union with our Beloved Lord and God.
REVTHREEVS21         01/10/2009 22:22
Soul:Elisha9821: This captured the night for me...... I am looking for some matches to light a candle, a Mary candle, that lights up, a picture of our Lady, at Fatima. The window is soon to be open, and I can shut myself off, to the world, and meditate, on what St. Therese wrote, in this....while listening to the music, over and over....gazing at our Lady, at Fatima.....this is what is so nice about living the life.....of a Hermit....I have noone, to distract me.....other than the … [More]
REVTHREEVS21         01/10/2009 22:08
I have alot of admiration, for Saints, that join Monestary's, and Convents.....I prefer, when I am not, slaying my Fundamentalist brothers, and Protestant friends, on my blogs or at work, or Evangelizing......not on gloria TV, but in the World . I am tame on this site...because I mix it up here with fellow Catholics, but in my world, I wouldn't trade, my solitude....for anything....if the Lord, would leave me be....I would retreat, into total solitude....like a hermit.....but unfortunatly, the … [More]