“Oh, my? No! O, Reto Nye. No! O-Adonai”
Father Reto Preaches     29/11/2012 12:39
Gloria.TV is holding a special on-line retreat this Advent concentrated on the O Antiphons .
The retreat will be given by Father Reto Nay.
Tina - 2         02/12/2012 14:34
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holyrope 3         30/11/2012 08:47
They may want to try this:
Cannoli...your just jealous
Holy Cannoli         30/11/2012 08:29
Is there anyone who could give advice as to how one can survive in a frigid Alpine environment when there are 2 meters of snow and the unfortunate mountain dwellers are snowed in their houses simply trying to maintain body heat unable to reach the grocery store to buy food?
Perhaps some instruction as to how to make a squirrel trap along with a recipe or two for the famous mountain staple, Swiss squirrel stew with cheese?
Angy         29/11/2012 15:30
PNeri         29/11/2012 12:47
Looking forward to it Padre!
Irapuato         29/11/2012 12:41
An on-line retreat??
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