Gloria.TV – News Briefs     15/12/2012 06:30
Photo ~ A proposed new Army manual says its cultural ignorance on the part of American soldiers that causes Afghan soldiers to kill them. (Reuters)
Proposed Army manual's scary message for our troops in Afghanistan
The classic example of “blaming … [More]
philosopher         15/12/2012 14:42
We can never win the war against Islamic-fascism with military might and political correctness. Unless we are willing to do battle in the world of ideas in the international arena in refuting the disvalues that Islam teaches as values, such as the treatment of women, people they find offensive, and women, and a vigorous defense of human rights, which can be shown to be true, right, good and universal, then we are consigning our own civilization to the dustbin of history, and are defeated.
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Gloria.TV – News Briefs         15/12/2012 06:33
>> any criticism of pedophilia, directing any criticism towards Afghans, mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct or anything related to Islam.
So Islam's connection to pedophilia and homosexuality is now official?
So the connection to pedophilia and homosexuality is now official? I would guess that you don’t mention pedophilia because Mohammad could easily be considered a pedophile. I would also surmise that you don’t mention homo… [More]