The Gloria.TV Dancers
Holy Cannoli     20/12/2012 11:09
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
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Jovana         21/12/2012 10:14
Uncle Joe         21/12/2012 09:10
There's no doubt that the Dancers are talented and keep time to the music very well.

Doina dancing in the pot and crushing the marshmallows reminds me of when I was a little boy in Salerno where we used to crush grapes with our feet to make wine. Of course we washed our feet but the home made wine still had a unique flavor.
Abramo         21/12/2012 01:03
I wonder why the Gloria-guys still run a website. They should change to the Broadway (to hell?).
oczy_szeroko_otwarte         20/12/2012 15:29
Chwała Panu za każdą kropelkę radości i uśmiechu... tak mało bywa czasem powodów...
to jest super
fr_giovanni         20/12/2012 14:54
..... niezła rozgrzewka przed siódmą antyfoną "O"
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