Gloria.TV – News Briefs     02/01/2013 06:40
Photo ~ Members of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Religious Police).
Saudi Arabia: Forty four arrested for 'Plotting to celebrate Christmas'
Enemies of the state...
In the latest kingdom-wide crackdown on those … [More]
hobbes         03/01/2013 18:08
When anyone mentions how friendly, non-violent and tolerant Islam is.
Please, ask them this simple question.
What is the address to the Christian church in Saudi Arabia's capital?
...ding ding ding, uh Alex, I'd like 'Thing that Don't Exist' for $200 ...
( that's a Jeopardy tv show reference for those outside USA) Answer is, That's right there are NO Christian churches in Saudi Arabia. 'nuf said [More]
Talita Kumy         02/01/2013 19:17
seanie         02/01/2013 13:43
What else would you expect form those child raping monsters. After all their "prophet" was serially raping a 9 year old at the age of 53.