Jan. 24 St. Francis de Sales Esp/Eng/Fr
Irapuato  23/01/2013 11:58
by irapuato on 24.1.2013
Knights4Christ     24/01/2013 12:11

"Donde quiera que estemos, podemos y tenemos que aspirar a una vida perfecta." Francisco de Sales
Marcelino Champagnat     24/01/2013 01:11

Buenas noches-días, Irapuato, Josefinas,PsPandevida,jahfuentes y demás...
Les dejo el enlace al Evangelio del día.
¡Ven y sígueme! - Evangelio según San Marcos 3,7-12.
Irapuato     23/01/2013 22:56
GRACIAS, Josefina, y JahFuentes, por sus comentarios.. Me tomó mucho tiempo.. el anyo pasado, para "armarlo"...
Josefina Rojo     23/01/2013 14:56
Que bonito video. Muchas gracias Irap.
Irapuato     23/01/2013 12:10
For more on St. Francis de Sales, see: gloria.tv
Irapuato     23/01/2013 12:07
St. Francis de Sales
St. Francis was destined by his father to be a lawyer so that the young man could eventually take his elder’s place as a senator from the province of Savoy in France. For this reason Francis was sent to Padua to study law. After receiving his doctorate, he returned home and, in due time, told his parents he wished to enter the priesthood. His father strongly opposed Francis in this, and only after much patient persuasiveness on the part of the gentle Francis … [More]
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