Colleen Willard's Međugorje Miracle Testimonial
stchadwick     19/11/2009 23:09
Surrender and Healing in Međugorje.
dominic.cava         22/06/2011 12:28
I Really like the talk it show us to always trust in God! I saw you in toronto at marian day
Thank you
Colleen Willard
Acederilla         29/06/2010 12:49
Thank you, my dear brother, for this beautiful testimony.
It's a pity that my english is not very good and I wasn't able to understand everything. I'll try to improve it. Thank you again.
Glory to the Lord .
al powers         25/01/2010 00:20
how do I go about purchasing a copy of her testimony? It is extremely powerful and I would like to share it with our prayer group.
DaComboMan         02/12/2009 15:08
Thank you Colleen for sharing something that is just unbelievable!
holyrope1         24/11/2009 17:26
In Venerable Mary of Agreda's "CITY OF GOD" dictated to her from Our Lady and Our Lord, written from 1637 to 1645, while in the convent in Spain. She was especially chosen for this grand and pious task.
Volume I Ch. XXI
" The day destined for the parturition of saint Anne and for the birth of Her, who was consecrated and sanctified to be the Mother of God, had arrived: a day most fortunate for the world. This birth happened on the eighth day of September, fully nine months having elapsed …
stchadwick         23/11/2009 17:20
The Church never claimed certainty in knowing Mary or Jesus' actual birth dates.
holyrope1         20/11/2009 11:11
Why did Vicka (visionary) tell people that the BVM said, "her real birthdate is Aug. 5th"? When Holy Mother Church acknowledges it to be September 8th? When there is also numerous documentation of her birthday as Sept. 8th. When have we ever known Our Lady saying something contrary to what the Church has always held?
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