DOMSBRAT     08/03/2013 21:51
MrsOblationem         09/03/2013 16:43
Why not?
JPII Exposed as Ringleader of Newchurch Mafia
Caricature of Newchurch Archbishop Burke of St. Louis
JPII's Newvatican Stands Foursquare behind Bully Bishop Burke
Against Faithful Catholics If you had any doubt that Newvatican was behind the Sex Scandal and the Embezzlement Scandal in the United States, you need doubt no longer. Newvatican has approved the action of the Newchurch archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond "Bully" Burke, to despoil the $10,000,000 assets of St. Stanislaus Kosta … [More]
JimmyG         08/03/2013 23:09
Cardinal Burke's the man!
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