God With Us-MercyMe
Miss Maria     01/01/2010 20:33
God With Us lyrics
God With Us – Mercy Me
Who are we, that You would be mindful of us?
What do You see, that's worth looking our way?
We are free, in ways that we never should be. Sweet release, from the grip of these chains. Like hinges straining … [More]
REVTHREEVS21         01/01/2010 23:37
Miss K.K....and just what I was afraid off.... [More]
REVTHREEVS21         01/01/2010 23:36
Miss K.K....O.k....I am forcing myself to watch, this just for you!!!!! [More]
kfarley         01/01/2010 23:25
The video was a very creative mix of present, past imagery and wonderful, eye filling color! It was one you need to watch more than once!
Miss Maria         01/01/2010 23:20
Thanks kevin. I actually like the song a lot...the video was done by Charlesc28 :)
Maria :)
kfarley         01/01/2010 21:57
Georgeous photography and imagery & color!-Great video!