Maronite Mass Complete Divine Liturgy Lent
fatherjeffrey     10/01/2010 13:43
A complete Maronite Divine Liturgy, Mass, celebrated by Rev. Gary George C.Ss.R. Pastor St. Maron Parish Youngstown Ohio. Youth choir and servers. Celebration took place at the Society of St. Paul Chapel, Canfield OH
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joesikemrex         18/10/2012 01:23
Typical Maronite mass. Arabic, English and Aramaic.
ACLumsden         13/04/2011 09:52
The only thing I see which will prompt the below comments is the use of English and the use of women in the Sanctuary (the choir). The deacon who sings just ought to get lessons (not to mention the priest) in singing. Nevertheless, a rather interesting liturgical event indeed. Thanks you.
holyrope1         11/01/2010 09:01
Modernism has crept into Every form and aspect of our lives..Sad..very Sad.. [More]