REVTHREEVS21     10/01/2010 15:02
Now here my Daughter, is a powerful, move of the Church, my brother Richard was at this amazing event....and he just told me this.......
This is where I was in August. can you believe 2000 teenagers knelt for Adoration.....watch this
He is a youth … [More]
Miss Maria         10/01/2010 16:47
i know what you meant i figured you hardly ever use the word "weakening" so that is why ...you're a lion king!! :) But I am glad you are "weakening" in this department lol
Maria :)
REVTHREEVS21         10/01/2010 16:06
Miss Maria: I am weakening....and I can't spell....either..... [More]
REVTHREEVS21         10/01/2010 15:31
Miss Maria: I am weaking......lol [More]
Miss Maria         10/01/2010 15:26
see?? we too can touch our youth in creative ways!! I really like this song, it's called "Above All" by Matt Miller. It is refreshing to know that our young folk can learn in such an upbeat manner...and they too can see others/peers that share the faith! I also like the University's logo of "Academically Challenging, Passionately Catholic". NICE! Yes, I researched the university :)
Maria :)