Italian Opera at a London Grocery Store
Holy Cannoli  17/06/2013 13:36
Secret opera singers who were disguised as casual shoppers and store staff amongst the groceries who broke into song bringing the market to a standstill with a rousing rendition of the Italian classic Funiculì, Funiculà.
  crika likes this.     20/12/2014 17:46
crika     20/12/2014 17:44
This is London...really geat!!!
Jody     07/11/2014 18:35
Ines T. BARRIONUEVO     26/10/2014 13:35
LOVE IT!!!!!
Duck Robeson     06/10/2014 14:51
October 6, 2014 (11:42am)
that was beautiful.. They seem to have some fun in other countries don’t they??
The Duck...
jagparker     08/09/2014 04:34
Stunning!! Bring this to South Africa!!
AnneLéa     22/07/2014 10:21
Excellent ,bravo à tous
joeperconti     26/04/2014 12:45
Speaker is frozen, can't adjust on your video. ItalianOpera at a London Grocery store ,,,,,,Joe
SJP     24/04/2014 13:29
AWESOME! Sharing their talents.
wehoward     23/04/2014 13:07
OK, OK. Very nice.
But where is the band?
No band? Is this canned?
You can do anything with digits these days!
John Trainor     19/04/2014 11:31
I have watched this video 10 times at least and grinned ear to ear each time! Not to mentioned forwarded it to umpteen people. A neighbor replied, "You know John, just one time I would like to be in the store that does one of those, wouldn't you?" Thank you wonderful performers and endearing patrons for a very enjoyable few moments! Hungry for more.
ciaotebaldi     14/04/2014 08:24
This was a great Idea and totally enjoyable! Thanks!
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Lucia Ann     12/04/2014 20:01
This is fantastic and it's just too bad they are not here in the united states!!!
Houstonia     09/04/2014 12:32
Great!!! we should have them come to the US
Robin Antar     07/04/2014 13:35
I loved this, thanks for posting, must have been a lot of fun in person. Amazing, great voices
Francisco Ojeda     07/04/2014 01:16
The Funiculi, funicula song is nice and very well sung. But it is not Italian Opera: It is an old Napolitan song. Any way, it is nice to hear it.
Kepola     03/04/2014 12:09
Some of those customers expressions are just priceless. I love and enjoy an good opera but I just decided I enjoy them even more when it's just broken out in song in the middle of a grocery store and literally stops people in their tracks and thoughts for just a matter of a few minutes. I'll bet it really helped to make a lot of peoples days great. It had to have with all the phones that were pulled out to record it. Great Job to those who put in together and those who were able to pull it off.
Beabop     01/04/2014 20:12
How cool is this? I don't know opera but I 'got' this. It brought tears to my eyes. I just love the expressions of the shoppers.
BGMLAT     21/03/2014 15:28
Awesome! Makes you smile!
weathership     20/03/2014 20:15
eccezionale!!!!!!!!!     05/03/2014 19:36
Please come to Howard County in Maryland, USA.
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mrsreneoriordan     18/06/2013 18:39
Bravo - Rene
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