The Lord's Prayer for the dead in the tragedy of Galicia and all your family and friends.
Marcelino Champagnat     25/07/2013 17:42
The Lord's Prayer for the dead in the tragedy of Galicia and all your family and friends.
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Dora Nelly Ferrín         06/04/2015 20:10
Conmovedora interpretación de la oración universal que nos une en el amor a Dios!!!Padrenuestro que estás en los cielos !!!
Marcelino Champagnat         06/04/2015 07:50
¡Feliz Pascua de Resurrección!
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Oswaldo Barone Filho         04/03/2015 17:20
A mestra dor! Desde pessoas simples até pessoas cultas. De cânticos de humildes capelas até luxuosos e importantes lugares como esse, sentimos a presença do sagrado.
Isso é o que importa! The master pain! From simple people by educated people. From humble songs to luxurious chapels and important places like this, we feel the presence of the sacred.
That's what matters!
Hester         02/03/2015 08:23
This song takes me into the Presence of God.
Jkcolumbia         28/02/2015 09:13
Bocelli is masterful as always . The Mormon Tabernacle Choir only enhanced this beautiful performance.
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Flame         27/02/2015 16:13
I'm really surprised that they did not identify the soloist, who is Andrea Bocelli. Born with poor eyesight and losing it totally at age 12, he rose to fame in the 90s (in the US at least), and with the death of Lucciano Pavarotti, has sort of taken on the mantel of most popular tenor.
The setting of the prayer was composed in 1935 by Albert Hay Mallotte, which I thought most everybody knew.
lindaannreynolds         20/02/2015 02:31
The Heart and Words of Christ in honor of all, especially His Martyrs.
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Lindarc         19/02/2015 17:29
I can't even imagine what it would be like, singing with that man.
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DorianAronson         11/02/2015 11:00
Thank you, I need to listen and see!
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cymro1         25/01/2015 23:46
Ben Lewis.
They say music is food for the soul and that was certainly a banquet.
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Kim Oler         17/01/2015 12:46
And this is wonderful on all counts!
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Kim Oler         17/01/2015 12:46
Who is the composer? Who is the publisher?
Amazing that such things are not onscreen in the video. I don't even see the names of the performers! I had to read the comments to find even that.
The music business is in free fall because no one seems to appreciate the importance of such respect to us all. Composers and publishers have lost the foundations of their compensation.
motigba         16/01/2015 20:45
That rendition simply sends you sraight into the Roman Catholic Church - wowamazing!!!! Maria
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GRANON         15/01/2015 05:14
MERCI pour ce grand moment musical avec Andréa Boccelli et l'ensemble du Mormon Tabernacle je suis un fan de ce grand CHOEUR [More]
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normanghfd         05/01/2015 06:33
this is a simply wonderfull rendition and beautifully sung have seen andrea about 4 times nowin th UK he gets bettereach time
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Marcelino Champagnat         05/01/2015 05:09
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Daphni         29/12/2014 07:43
The perfect prayer, sung by a perfect voice. Glory to God!
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