The Lord's Prayer for the dead in the tragedy of Galicia and all your family and friends.
Marcelino Champagnat     25/07/2013 17:42
The Lord's Prayer for the dead in the tragedy of Galicia and all your family and friends.
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Cecilia Argentina         Wednesday, 13:55
Lindo vídeo.
Cecilia Argentina         Wednesday, 13:54
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Kathy Weedon         17/09/2015 09:47
I think this video is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I showed it to my grandson's CCD class last night and they thought it was really cool. Then I went to my Bible Study group and we used it as our closing prayer. Andrea Bocelli's voice is truly amazing!
Miguel33         14/09/2015 10:44
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cmadams0         18/08/2015 07:40
I listen evey day I stopped for a few days because my mind started wondering. But I am back again and love it more
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Carlus         28/07/2015 02:50
wunderschön, vielen Dank für das Hochladen
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helena mecoy         25/07/2015 05:00
Heavenly. Sung by earthly beings. A prayer of grace and love. Melbourne, Australia.
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cmadams0         24/07/2015 15:12
At least five times a week God bless
cmadams0         24/07/2015 15:11
At least five times a week. God bless
AMarina         24/07/2015 13:50
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Grace Isabel         23/07/2015 19:08
El Padrenuestro por los fallecidos en la tragedia de Galicia y todos sus familiares y amigos. [More]
Grace Isabel         23/07/2015 19:08
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Nexalt         23/07/2015 10:33
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Nazarena14         23/07/2015 10:28
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