Bishop against 9/11 myth
Libor Halik     15/03/2010 10:29
It is a good sign when a bishop is speaking out about the lies 9/11 2001. Bishop Richard Williamson speaks out against 9/11 myth. Roman Catholic Bishop speaks about the September the 11th terrorist attacks.
stanislawp         18/02/2015 12:53
110 stories towers dustified not collapsed!!
Dr Judy Woods explains what happened..
Where did the towers go? dr Judy Woods explains 9-11 2001
There is one Catholic bishop, who knows that Gov Report 9-11 2001 is full of lies.
Only one bishop! That bishop is Richard Williamson! He speaks openly about 9-11 2001 Those who do the research about 9-11 2001, those who want the Truth about 9-11 2001 they lose lives very often, are harassed and prosecuted. What times we live in? Writing about 9-11 is … [More]
DOMSBRAT         24/10/2013 22:10
Demolition charges my ass! I watched them come down that day. There was no forced explosion. You can look on the web for clips of building demolition, they look and sound different. This was a muslim attack. And I don't appreciate a non American, especially a Bishop spreading lies.
Ben Martin         24/07/2012 22:35
911 was designed for control of the people---Two Steel Towers drop at the speed of gravity falling---Steel falling that quick---impossible.
So many issues wrong ---it is not worth one's time.
Google the subject (911)--pretty basic---the Anti-Christ is rising.
You eat to many Luck Charm Cereal to think otherwise.
delagotti         24/07/2012 18:05
why would they put a charge at the top of the tower and then have a jet hit the building at the top. i saw when the first plane hit?your theory does not make any sence. yours and christ goes before me delagott
Lawborn         12/07/2012 23:13
I am beginning to see this Bishop's point of view. Too many questions about this scenario go unanswered.
Yugo         02/05/2011 16:27
Es la verdad bajaros este video y lo comprendereis,hoy manda con mentiras la MASONERIA.